Premium Tailwind UI Components and Themes

Discover our collection of the best premium components and themes that are beautifully designed and created with Tailwind CSS. This collection is updated regularly.

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Blog listing image

Blog listing Cruip


This is a pretty straightforward blog listing page showcasing a top featured post, and a gallery of additional articles divided by category.

Messages image

Messages Cruip


The Messages page (or chat) displays information about messages sent by users and a functional sidebar that includes discussions by users and channels.

Pricing page image

Pricing page Cruip


The pricing page showcases a functional monthly/yearly switcher, four pricing tabs, a compare plans table, a testimonial carousel, and a FAQs section.

Features image

Features Cruip


The features page shows a fully customisable hero image, a stats counter tab, two feature sections (zig-zag and additional), and three blog tabs.

Blog post image

Blog post Cruip


The blog post page displays a full article with images and a sidebar with the table of contents.

Soft UI Dashboard Pro Tailwind CSS image

Soft UI Dashboard Pro Tailwind CSS Creative Tim


The most complex and innovative Tailwind CSS Dashboard Made by Creative Tim. Check our latest Premium Tailwind CSS admin template.

Documentation page image

Documentation page Cruip


The documentation page comes with a sidebar menu and searches box, and a content example including images, links, and a rating system.

About us image

About us Cruip


The about us page includes four colored vector icons, an image gallery, a clickable roadmap (with tabs), a career section (with sidebar), a dynamic illustration, and a team section.

Onboarding image

Onboarding Cruip


This onboarding series includes multiple steps and showcases a sortable button and a full-height picture that takes up half of the page.

Notus Admin Dashboard Page image

Notus Admin Dashboard Page Creative Tim


In short, the admin panel is where the content is created and the website is managed. This is the key to how a content management system (CMS) works. Develop your Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard super fast.

Help Center image

Help Center Cruip


The help center page includes a top search field and a list of questions sortable by topic.

Notus Design System Pro image

Notus Design System Pro Creative Tim


Start your development with a premium UI Kit and Admin components library for Tailwind CSS. Let Notus PRO amaze you with its cool features and build tools that will get your project to a whole new level!


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