Premium Tailwind components and landings pages

Discover premium components and landing pages beautifully designed and created with Tailwind CSS

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Onboarding image

Onboarding Cruip


This onboarding series includes multiple steps and showcases a sortable button and a full-height picture that takes up half of the page.

Pricing page image

Pricing page Cruip


The pricing page showcases a functional monthly/yearly switcher, four pricing tabs, a compare plans table, a testimonial carousel, and a FAQs section.

Testimonials image

Testimonials Cruip


The testimonial page of Appy includes a round of vector press logos, an embedded video, a carousel, and several floating avatars that display a message when hovered.

Mosaic Main Dashboard image

Mosaic Main Dashboard Cruip


The Main Dashboard page showcases lots of beautifully-designed charts and data tables powered by the Chart.js library and fully accessible by the end-user.

Wall of Love image

Wall of Love Cruip


This wall of love page comes with a top video testimonial, multiple press logos, and a gallery of customer reviews in both video and textual format.

Documentation page image

Documentation page Cruip


The documentation page comes with a sidebar menu and searches box, and a content example including images, links, and a rating system.

Help Center image

Help Center Cruip


The help center page includes a top search field and a list of questions sortable by topic.

Request Demo image

Request Demo Cruip


This Request a demo page provides various input fields to the left, and a full-height picture with a customer testimonial on the right.

404 image

404 Cruip


This is a simple 404 page that pops up when a user lands on a broken or dead link.

Tasks image

Tasks Cruip


The task page incorporates a kanban board, which lists all subtasks and activities in a textual and visual format.

Messages image

Messages Cruip


The Messages page (or chat) displays information about messages sent by users and a functional sidebar that includes discussions by users and channels.

Blog listing image

Blog listing Cruip


This is a pretty straightforward blog listing page showcasing a top featured post, and a gallery of additional articles divided by category.


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