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Hello World

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Hello everyone 👋, I'm Khatab Wedaa, the last one to join the TailwindComponents team 🤠. Last MAY Agustín Rodríguez asked me to work on the premium section, and i have been building many components and templates for the new section, you should check them!.

Last week we start working on new blog section to write about Tailwindcss news, tips and tricks.

Today I will talk about Tailwindcomponents beginnings and how become the site that we use it today. I will talk about time line not the details 😅, the website built by Agustín and his co-worker akampana these guys are co-workers since 10 years 🤯 and now they are directing a incubator department in Freepik.

Agustín started this site on 2017 with the first alpha version of Tailwindcss, was filling a gap in the docs and there was nothing like it for Tailwindcss. Tailwindcomponents grows steadily as Tailwindcss gets more popular, in that time Killgt tell akampana to join the team and they upgrade the website for the version that we use it today.

Finaly after three years Agustín become very busy man 😂 after he joined Freepik company, he asked me to join the team to help the project continue growing and here i am.

That is our short story of Tailwindcomponents Team, i want to thank all the people who create and submit their awesome Tailwindcss components.

See you next time.

Khatab Wedaa


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