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We have gathered in this article a collection of easy-to-use Contact Forms that you can use in your project to allow users to communicate with the site owner.


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When it comes to using elements of modern front-end stacks in Django, there is more than one way.


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Laravel mix v6 comes with support to the latest versions of numerous dependencies, including webpack 5, PostCSS 8, Vue Loader 16, and more.


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Tailwind CSS Tables that are available for free on tailwindcomponents.


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One of the downsides of tailwindcss is that it generates a ton of CSS code for each rule and variant in your project. If we look at its colors system, as han example, the framework adds a new class for each property that modifies


1 day ago Tailwind CSS Forms

Tailwind CSS Forms that are available for free on tailwindcomponents.


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There are many ways to install Tailwindcss on a fresh Laravel 8 install. You can configure your application by yourself or use a Preset to do it faster. We'll start with the custom one, skip to the end to check available presets.


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This article contains a list of the best navbars coded with Tailwind CSS that you can copy-paste now in your project.


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This article gathers a collection of Tailwind CSS versatile inputs that contains a text field for entering a search string.


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Alerts are essential UI/UX components used to give users feedback. Read this article and find an useful collection of easy-to-use alerts coded with Tailwind CSS.


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Knowing how important this navigation component is when creating web projects, we gathered in this article a collection of beautiful menus that are responsive and coded with Tailwind CSS



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